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Thinkware F100 IR Interior Night Vision Camera (BCH-610IR /TWA-F100IFR)

  • Optional Interior IR Rear Camera and Cable for the Thinkware F100
  • It is an ideal solution for interior recording for rideshare drivers and other applications, as it can pick up details like faces even in the dark with no external lighting.
  • This camera cannot be used to turn an existing Thinkware 2 Channel setup into a 3 Channel setup as the main front camera can only support one rear camera.
  • Durable Rear camera cable (approximately 24 feet long) with a right angle tip for the front camera and a straight tip for the rear camera. This cable is F100 specific.
  • Records HD video at 30FPS
  • Not compatible with other Thinkware 2-CH systems. The F750, F770, X550 units require the Thinkware Interior Infrared IR Camera (BCFH-150IR) for IR recordings like the (TWA-F100IFR), or the BCFH-150 for regular recording. The F800/F800 Pro requires the BCFH-200 in order to record regular recordings, but does not have an IR camera.
  • *Front camera not included. Rear camera WILL NOT work without a front camera