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BlackVue DR590W-2CH IR WiFi Dash Cam

BlackVue DR590W-2CH IR

The DR590W-2CH IR provides you with a cheap, yet powerful alternative to the IR Dash Cam market. IR refers to both the function and the equipment that allows it to function. IR units are meant for Interior Recording and do so through the use of Infrared LEDs.

The DR590W-2CH was already quite popular due to its size, pricing and overall capabilities. Bringing in the often requested IR functionality makes it a perfect choice for users who want to take advantage of the camera's automatic parking mode (only when paired with a Power Magic Pro hardwire kit or battery pack) as well as protect themselves while driving at night. With our most powerful battery pack, the energy efficient DR590W-2CH IR can record for upwards of 20 hours in parking mode. The DR590W-2CH IR also utilizes memory card partitioning which lets you divide the normal, event, and parking folders to your preferences.