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BlackVue Coaxial Connecting Cable (20ft /32ft /49ft)

BlackVue Coaxial Connecting Cable (20ft /32ft /49ft)

From time to time, we have customers who run into issues with connecting their DR650 front units to the rear units. Most of the time, this is caused by physical damage to either the ports or the cable itself.

We've made our own Coaxial Cable, so as to give our customers a more affordable option when it comes to fixing their systems.

  • The DR750S-2CH and DR900S-2CH are not compatible with the BlackboxMyCar branded Coaxial cable.
  • Options for Original BlackVue Coaxial Cable or a BlackboxMyCar Coaxial Cable for 2 Channel BlackVue Dash Cams such as: DR550GW-2CH, DR650GW-2CH, DR650S-2CH, and DR750LW-2CH
  • Standard length that comes with the camera is 6m (20ft)
  • 10m (32ft) and 15m (49ft) options are available for those who need a longer cable.
  • A shorter 2ft/60cm cable is also available for front mounted rear facing cameras